It is very often seen that the youngsters are always influenced by their role models when it comes to life style. These role models could be anyone from a famous actor who has had given many blockbusters, a famous sports person, singers or any other famous personalities from any other walks of life. Their popularity is being used by many famous brands asking the players to endorse their brands and in return pay good amount to the celebrity. In this way both of them earn good money but recently the appeal of a famous American rapper was put to quirky life hacks.

How it happened?
The famous American rapper was giving his performance while on his musical tour. He dedicated one of the songs for the helpline number used for the prevention of suicide. His fellow singers were also wearing t-shirts with the phone number on them. To add more emphasis to his performance, the singer explained to the audience about what the song is all about. He told the audience that song is about a youth who wants to kill himself and they are calling the helpline number telling that he wants to end his life. In the next paragraph he asks the people not to do so as life is still beautiful and full of hope.

What was the outcome?
The National suicide prevention helpline received the highest number of calls in a day in the history. All the callers were calling to ask the help line to help them come out from the despair and hardships of life. Google search engine recorded 100% increase in the search of the helpline number. The number of monthly visitors visiting the site received 100,000 more visitors than usual and the facebook page received 3 times more visitors and twitter received 1 million impressions in a week. The song and the singer created an atmosphere of hope and happiness among youth.